Niimbot® D110 + 1pc roll

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Niimbot® D110 is a wireless printer that can make several self-adhesive labels per second, it is a thermal printer so you will never run out of ink.

Print labels for home, shop, warehouse, school or wherever you want! It has a built-in 1200mAh battery that allows for weeks of work without recharging.

Just install the NIIMBOT app, connect to the printer via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to go!


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A real revolution

The labels are self-adhesive, leave no glue, are waterproof and very durable.

You can buy rolls of various sizes in our store. The printer is very easy to use – just turn it on by holding down the main button for a few seconds, launch the application on the phone, connect the printer from the device list, design a sticker and print!

You can print 1 copy of the sticker or even 100 self-designed stickers at a time.

The Niimbot® D110 is another version of the iconic printer, the model debuted in September 2021, more compact than the classic D11 version, except for the lack of a bow and a window for viewing labels, the D110 model has all the functions of the D11 printer.

Control from your phone

Download the NIIMBOT app and design your labels the way you want


Print labels, EAN-13 codes and vendor information or product ingredients

The ink doesn't run out

Angielski NIIMBOOT is a compact thermal printer, so the ink never runs out

For everyone

The printer is easy to use and has many possibilities, it will be used by both an IT specialist and an elementary school student


Insert the roll

Unlock the printer and put the roll inside, there are rolls of various sizes, the maximum size of the label is 15x50mm.


Create and edit

Install the NIIMBOT app and create a variety of labels, logos, icons or whatever you like, the labels are waterproof.


Stick it

Angielski Tear off the label from the roll and stick it wherever you want, the labels do not leave any glue.

No matter if you run a business, study, work or just want to label the prepared preserves, Niimbot is multifunctional and has unlimited label editing options.

Main possibilities

You do not believe? Check the capabilities of the NIIMBOT application before purchasing the device.

"I bought the niimbot D10 as a second such device, I already have the previous version and both work great, I print things for the office and home."

Carol S.

* verified opinion

"The equipment works very quickly, it is useful not only at work, but also at home. My mother even uses and labels her purees. Really good printer."


* verified opinion

"Fast shipping, professional service and service, I can recommend it, I am shocked myself how many things can be marked, I work in an event company and I cannot imagine working without such a printer."


* veryfied opinion

The application is available on IOS & Android

You can download the free NIIMBOT Application in the Appstore or GooglePlay store, please use only original applications downloaded in an authorized store that supports your operating system on your phone.

Do You Have A Question? Want To Make An Order?

Contact us by phone or e-mail:

Tel: +48 504 074 245contact@niimbot.eu

Technical data

Remember that we are the official distributor of the NIIMBOT brand in Europe - you can be sure that you are buying an original product with a Japanese head of the highest quality.

FAQ Frequently asked questions:

Open the compartment with labels and check that some of the paper protrudes 1-2 mm from the label cutter – the paper must partially stick out for the printout to come out of the printer. Also check if the tray is simply not out of labels. You can also check the state of use of the roll through a small glass located on the printer.

Make sure the printer is turned on – blue light, if not – hold down the main button for a few seconds until it glows steadily. In addition, check if you have bluetooth turned on in your smartphone, you can change it in the phone settings. If the above steps have been performed, select the printer from the list of devices. After the first connection, the printer will automatically connect to your phone and the application after turning it on.

You need to calibrate the printer by pulling out the first protruding label a bit so that the empty part of the paper between the labels protrudes 1-3 mm. More information is also available in the Polish manual, which we sent to the e-mail on the day the package was collected.

The printer, after connecting to the phone and the application, will automatically detect the type of labels used before creating the project, and it will show in the application what size of labels you are currently using. In some cases, when labels other than NIIMBOT are used and non-genuine substitutes, the printer may not detect the correct paper size – then you should select the paper manually. We do not recommend the use of non-original rolls, as lower quality of the glue and the labels themselves may damage the printer head.

The printer uses a bluetooth module, which in most smartphones and in the printer itself has a range of up to 10 meters. It is best to print at a distance of no more than 3-4 meters so that the device does not become disconnected.

In the application you will find hundreds of fonts, you can freely set the size of text, EAN codes, photos and other data – the freedom in the design of the sticker is unlimited, you can add many elements on one sticker – but remember that it is small. The NIIMBOT application supports regional characters.

Please send other questions via the contact form.

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